Abrasive Blast Nozzle Lighting

Abrasive Blast Nozzle Lighting

Sandblasting lights are specialized atmospheres with a different set of safety strategies and equipment to go along with the project. However, all the sandblasting light sites need to be reliable, with a portable power distribution system, and strong lighting to get the job completed. AJV offers a wide range of safety and production of sandblasting lights in the corrosion control industries for the blasters. We provide floodlights, explosion-proof lamps. As well as carry both halogen and LED sandblasting lights.

At AJV sandblasting hose and nozzle lights are also available. We help you to meet all the portable power supply needs, from small boxes all the way up to custom-made transformer-enabled units which can provide the main essential part of the sandblasting lights workspaces. We have a team of lighting and power experts who always like to consult with the customers to determine the best products for clients’ sandblasting light applications. From sandblasting light nozzle to metering valves, AJV has a huge variety of sandblasting light parts and provides them to all major manufacturers are available online.

AJV Technical Equipment offers a light system of full light specifically made for the Abrasive Blast Light industries. We have built our business by solving queries related to lighting critical, usually tough to get temporary worksites.

Abrasive Blasting Lights is used to:

• It is used to make the rough surfaces smooth.

• That is also used for making the surface smooth to rough.

• Shape any type of surface.

• Clean or remove surface impurities like paint, dust, or residue.

• Finishing the surfaces.

AJV Technical’s sandblasting lights are hose-mountable with high & low stanchions available to easily attach them to blast hoses. At AJV air-cooled and no-air blast lights along with halogen and LED options are available.

Abrasive Blasting Industries:

  • Acid pickling
  • Priming
  • Before & after fabrication
  • Welding
  • Surface coating & finishing
  • Painting
  • Construction & Contracting
  • Ship cleaning