Safety Lighting on a Jack-Up Rig – A Case Study

Safety Lighting on a Jack-Up Rig – A Case Study

Jackups are one of the most popular kinds of mobile offshore drilling units used for offshore exploration and development. With the installation of the first jack-up in 1954, today, hundreds of backups are installed around the world.

Jackups provide a stable drilling environment as compared to other types of offshore drilling rigs. With a capacity to drill up to 350 feet of depth, jack-ups are a great solution for deepwater drilling. One of the distinguishable aspects of jack-ups is the floating ability of their legs. When the legs are not deployed, jack-ups can float, which helps in the easy transportation of these mobile drilling units. Jackups can be conveniently transported through tug boats and submersible barges.

Lighting requirement of a jack-up rig

Being an oil rig, jack-up rigs intrinsically constitute a hazardous environment. Hence, immense attention has to be provided to lighting every angle of a jack-up rig keeping the safety aspect in mind.

For example, apart from the nature of its operations, installation in the open sea area adds additional danger to this kind of rig. Lightning events have been on the rise across the world. Operating in the open sea, jack-up rigs inherently contain the risk of being struck by lightning. This can be dangerous not only to the installation but to the workforce present on the rig.

AJV Technical Equipment possesses extensive experience in supplying and installing light fixtures for jack-up rigs, including numerous newly installed rigs in the United Arab Emirates. These products like flood lights, linear lights and emergency flood lights have increased safety on the rig as well as provided emergency lighting solutions onsite as well as for lifeboats and life raft deployment. All our products are easy to maintain, thus offering an extended operating life.

Emergency lighting solutions for jack-up rigs

Emergency lighting is of crucial importance, not just for jack-up rigs but for all kinds of oil rigs. You can learn more about it in our article The importance of safety lighting in offshore platforms.

One of the primary emergency equipment on a jack-up rig are the lifeboat and life raft deployment systems. They are critical to safety and hence special attention needs to be provided to their source of lighting. The lighting solution has to be reliable as well as of high quality.

Emergency lighting enables safe access to the lifeboats as well as their safe launching and deployment. However, it is essential to remember that all this is done during a situation of emergency when in most cases there is no power on the rig. Not to forget an oil rig is inherently a hazardous environment.

This poses a challenge to equip these lifeboats with emergency explosion proof lighting that would provide an uninterrupted and reliable source of illumination without the main or emergency power generators. The battery is of crucial importance in such cases because it has to provide sufficient power to evacuate the jack-up rig.

The solution: AJV Technical Equipment has a range of highly reliable emergency lighting solutions from Raytec designed specifically for hazardous environments. Raytec’s SPARTAN Flood range is white light illuminations delivering 8,450 to 16,00 lumens with emergency battery backup. The flood range is fitted with SPARTAN’s time-tested long-life LED technology with a proven track record of 10+ years of lifetime and a 5-year warranty. These lights are powerful enough to illuminate the rig’s entire lifeboat system as well as the walkways onboard the rig.

As per traditional technology, a separate UPS system is required to account for a unit’s high power draw. However, fitted with advanced LED technology, Raytec SPARTAN’s emergency battery module is compact to accommodate the requirement of an entire unit. It also uses 65% less power than traditional lighting equipment with little or no requirement for maintenance. They are very functional and are a great replacement for traditional lighting alternatives.

SPARTAN’s emergency floodlights are available in two variants – FL24 and FL48 and have emergency battery backup. The FL48 light provides up to 10,000 lumens and has been acknowledged for its emergency and high-power capabilities.

Other lighting options for jack-up rigs

Apart from emergency floodlights, AJV Technical Equipment has a range of other smart products suitable for jack-up rigs:

Raytec’s Spartan zone 1 Mid-power floodlight and bay lights

This range is a new product offered by Raytec, suitable for usage in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. They are available in a variety of power outputs and choice of beam angles:

  1. SPARTAN mid-power flood Zone 1
  2. SPARTAN mid-power bay Zone 1
  3. SPARTAN mid-power flood Zone 2
  4. SPARTAN mid-power bay Zone 2

With 5,000 to 15,000 lumen output, the SPARTAN mid-power range is acknowledged for its outstanding performance as well as flexibility. They are fitted with marine-grade aluminium and are robust, easy to install and require very low maintenance.

5. WARRIOR mid-power flood industrial

6. WARRIOR mid-power bay industrial

These are heavy-duty industrial variant flood lights and bay lights suitable for a wide range of areas.

SPARTAN Zone 1 linear

SPARTAN linear luminaires are renowned for their usability and performance. With newer improvements and new features, these linear lights have a high amount of durability as well as new beam angles.

The benefits of using Raytec products

Clients from across the world ask us a pertinent question, “Why Raytec products?”. AJV Technical Equipment is renowned for providing value to its clients and Raytec  products have been carefully chosen based on the following benefits:

  • They provide an easy transition between standard mains operation and emergency mode.
  • All Raytec SPARTAN LED products are fitted with an instant restrike feature which means during a power outage, emergency power is instantly switched on in a luminaire, thus reducing the blackout period.
  • SPARTAN products are resistant to short-term voltage drops, a significant disadvantage of traditional lighting fixtures.
  • The products are flexible and feature-rich, balancing output levels and length of lighting perfectly.
  • They require low maintenance, thus saving cost and manpower.
  • All SPARTAN products come with a 5-year warranty and have a lifespan of 10+ years.

AJV Technical Equipment is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial lighting products. Visit our product portfolio to view our entire range.