Types of Explosion Proof Lighting

Types of Explosion Proof Lighting

When it comes to industrial usage, especially in hazardous areas, Explosion Proof Lighting is more a necessity than an option. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States Department of Labour has made it mandatory to use Explosion-proof electrical apparatus in hazardous areas where gases, liquids or vapours or other combustible materials may be present.

An integral part of any business operating under hazardous conditions, Explosion Proof Lighting are specially designed light fixtures that are able to contain sparks which can lead to potential fire and explosion. Ex Lighting have the ability to prevent explosions caused by the presence of combustible materials in a dangerous environment. 

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Explosion Proof Lighting comes in a variety of types, making it useful for usage in different kinds of circumstances and areas.

Classification of Hazardous Environment

Ex Lighting is broadly classified into 6 classes as per European & IECEX classification:

Zone 0 (gases) – An area where an explosive mixture of gases is continuously present or present for long periods. 

Zone 1 (gases) – An area where an explosive mixture of gases is likely to accumulate during normal operations.

Zone 2 (gases) – An area where the explosive mixture is not likely to accumulate under normal circumstances, and even if it does, it will be for a short period of time. 

Zone 20 (dust) – An area where an explosive mixture of gases is present for long periods or continuously present. 

Zone 21 (dust) – An area where an explosive mixture of dust is likely to accumulate during normal working hours. 

Zone 22 (dust) – An area where an explosive mixture is not likely to occur during normal operations or may happen for a short period of time. 

The classification is slightly different in North America. Each of these classes may require various kinds of Ex Lighting. Hence, one can find myriad variations of Ex Lighting, suited to different kinds of needs.

European & IECEX classificationDefinition of zone or divisionNorth American classification
Zone 0 (gases)An area in which an explosive mixture is continuously present or present for long periodsClass I Division 1 (gases)
Zone 20 (dusts)Class II Division 1 (dusts)
Zone 1 (gases)An area in which an explosive mixture is likely to occur in normal operationClass I Division 1 (gases)
Zone 21 (dusts)Class II Division 1 (dusts)
Zone 2 (gases)An area in which an explosive mixture is not likely to occur in normal operation and if it occurs it will exist only for a short timeClass I Division 2 (gases)
Zone 22 (dusts)Class II Division 2 (dusts)
Classification of Hazardous Environments: Comparison of European and North American Classifications

Forms of Explosion Proof Lighting

Broadly speaking, Ex Lighting comes in two forms – Explosion Proof Temporary Lighting and Explosion Proof Fixed Lighting.

1. Explosion Proof Temporary Lighting

Often known as Portable Ex Lights, these can be easily transported from one place to another and thus put into multiple uses. These come in a variety of styles, sizes and mounting options tailored to the unique needs of different kinds of industries such as offshore and land-based rigs, coal mines, grain and sugar mills, petrochemical plants and others. Apart from industrial usage, portable Ex Lighting can also be used for other functions such as firefighting, electrical fire, geological exploration and many others. They can be available in both flood and spot beam form.

At AJV Technical Equipment, we provide a wide variety of ATEX-certified temporary Ex Lighting to cater to every kind of need. Our temporary Ex Lighting product portfolio includes tank sets, link-up tank sets, tank set with inspection lights, tank and confined space inspection set, portable floodlight, hornet, LED blast light, germicidal light, UVA inspection light, rechargeable battery-powered LED light, swivel-mounted explosion proof light, explosion-proof LED string light and much more. 

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2. Explosion Proof Fixed Lighting

As the name suggests, these are fixed at a specific place and cannot be moved from one place to another. When the lighting requirement can be defined while designing a work facility, then fixed Ex Lighting proves beneficial. They are usually used to light up Zone 1 and Zone 2 of a particular facility. Zone 1 locations are those where combustible gases, dusts, vapours or liquid might be present during normal operating hours. Zone 2 locations are those which may not have combustible products during normal operations but may be exposed to those under unusual circumstances such as a sudden leak. These kinds of Ex Lighting are available in the form of fluorescent light fixtures or might be designed to contain a halide light element. 

AJV Technical Equipment provides a variety of Explosion Proof Fixed Lighting suitable for different kinds of requirements. Our customized solutions can cater to an extensive range of facilities including oil and energy, marine, manufacturing plants, Animal husbandry and agricultural industries. 

Our product offering includes lighting for mid-power bays, high-power bays, general bay lights, bulkheads, floodlights, linear lights and much more. 

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