What is Explosion Proof Lighting?

What is Explosion Proof Lighting?

We all understand the seriousness of industrial accidents and their disastrous effect on human lives and industrial equipment. There are so many precautions that an organization can take in this regard. And one of the most important ones is Explosion Proof Lighting, commonly known as Ex Lighting.

As the name suggests, Explosion Proof Lighting is a piece of lighting equipment that is safe to be used in hazardous environments. A hazardous location is an area with a high concentration of combustible materials such as gas, fibre, and dust, which can cause a fire or an explosion. 

Explosion Proof Lighting can be very useful in a variety of facilities such as oil rigs, food processing industry, chemical industry, battery manufacturing and storage facilities, shipyards, extraction rooms, agricultural sites, textile factories, and many more.

An Introduction to Explosion Proof Lighting

Explosion Proof Lighting is a lighting fixture that does not ignite from sparks or the presence of hazardous materials in the environment. The term Explosion Proof refers to the protective mechanism in this kind of lighting equipment against potentially combustible substances. 

In the unfortunate event of an explosion, the activity is contained within the explosion-proof lighting device, preventing it from interacting with other volatile substances. This, in turn, prevents any catastrophic chain reaction from occurring within the hazardous work environment. For example, suppose a worker’s daily routine requires him to clean an oil tank after the oil has been transported. The tank is dark, so he needs to carry lighting equipment with him. There can be some liquid droplets remaining, even after the oil has been transported, which increases the chances of ignition. So, the best solution for him is to carry a portable explosion proof light. Ex Lighting will minimize the probability of any flaring up.

So, what makes it explosion-proof?

This must be a question you have in your mind. Well, Explosion Proof Lighting is made with durable, non-sparking material and contains a very thick glass globe over the bulb. 

Typically, an Explosion Proof Lighting consists of the following components:

  • Durable casing: All Ex Lighting is fitted with a durable casing consisting of tempered glass lenses, which do not break in the event of an explosion. 
  • Advanced thermal control mechanisms: This is to dissipate any heat that might build up in the fixture when it is on. This is less of an issue in the case of LED lighting because LED is naturally a no-heating fixture. Some Ex Lighting may contain additional elements such as double-folded aluminium fins or copper-free housings which can improve their explosion-free nature. 
  • Tight seals: One of the main components of Ex Lighting is the tight seals which can keep out flammable substances such as gases, dust or fibres.

And what are the benefits of using them?

To begin with, the first benefit of using Ex Lighting is what we all know – that it minimizes the chances of explosion by preventing ignition from flammable substances present in the environment. 

Another benefit is that Explosion Proof Lighting is highly energy efficient. They consume 90% less energy than standard fixtures and in some cases can stay illuminated for up to 50,000 hours or even more!

Ex Lighting is highly durable too, minimizing the need to be replaced time and again. This, coupled with their energy efficiency, can reduce operational costs substantially. 

The portable forms of Ex Lighting offer great benefits in terms of mobility. Their strong design makes transporting them from one place to another easier even using heavy machinery like a forklift. This makes it extremely useful to operators who require mobile illumination. 

Explosion-proof lighting is also available in a variety of modular designs which makes them suitable for various purposes. Moreover, in some cases, the light outputs can be easily increased or lowered depending on the light requirement for a particular area. Needless to say, this results in savings of money and energy.

Where can they be used?

As we mentioned earlier, Explosion Proof Lighting can be useful for a variety of facilities. Specific solutions can be created for lighting up offshore rigs, hazardous areas, confined spaces, aircraft hangars, agriculture and animal husbandry facilities, food processing factories, chemical processing and storage facilities and a variety of other industries. 

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