Explosion Proof Inspection Lights

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Explosion Proof Inspection Lights.

Conducting regular inspections is an important aspect of any work area to ensure the safety and security of manpower as well as equipment. Inspection takes the centre stage in a hazardous work environment where the risk of fire and explosion is always present. 

Inspections help in identifying existing and potential hazards, determining the cause of a hazard and taking corrective actions. Moreover, they are a regulatory requirement and hence have to be conducted at regular intervals. Regular inspections help in preventing accidents and injuries. They are an integral part of the overall occupational health and safety program.

Special attention must be paid to areas which are likely to develop unsafe or unhealthy conditions because of impact, vibration, wear and tear, corrosion, chemical reaction, misuse, heat and other factors that might arise during day-to-day operations. However, areas which are not included in regular operations such as storage areas, emergency equipment, and rest areas also need regular inspection. 

Inspection in hazardous areas can be done in many ways. From inspecting the equipment to electrical installations – every aspect of a hazardous area needs to be monitored from time to time. Usually, inspection is done in three ways:

  1. Visual inspection: As the name suggests, this is an overall inspection to find issues apparent to the eye. This can include missing bolts, defects or issues with the tools. Visual inspection can be done from a distance, with or without physically accessing equipment or area. 
  2. Close inspection: This encompasses a more detailed inspection of the hazardous area. This kind of inspection requires accessing equipment or area physically with the help of access equipment such as steps or tools and inspection lighting. However, a close inspection may not involve opening an enclosure or de-energizing equipment. 
  3. Details inspection: This kind of inspection is done to pinpoint a problem area and take corrective measures. Detailed inspection requires the opening of enclosures, de-energizing equipment, and dismantling cables wherever applicable. Inspection tools and lighting play a crucial role in this kind of inspection. 

All these inspections can help in the identification of various kinds of hazards such as:

  • Safety hazards, like those caused by technical errors in machines.
  • Physical hazards, that can result from noise, vibration, weather, cold, heat, radiation, pressure, odour, etc.
  • Chemical hazards that can be caused by solids, liquids, gases, vapours, dust, fumes or mist.
  • Biological hazards, caused by fungi, parasites, bacteria, viruses, insects etc. Hazardous work environments such as food processing industries, and pharmaceutical industries are susceptible to these kinds of hazards. 
  • Ergonomic hazards from improper work methods such as incorrect handling of machines, materials, etc. 


Explosion proof inspection lights


Since all lighting used in a hazardous area has to be explosion proof in nature, inspection lighting is no exception. Different areas have different inspection lighting requirements and hence a variety of inspection lights are available in the market today such as:

  • Explosion proof LED handlamps
  • Explosion proof LED flashlights
  • Explosion proof LED linear lights
  • Explosion proof LED hand lamps
  • Explosion proof LED blast lights
  • Explosion proof torches and rechargeable torches
  • Explosion proof tower lights
  • Explosion proof ultraviolet lights
  • Explosion proof work lights
  • And many more.

The product portfolio of AJV Technical Equipment includes a variety of temporary and permanent inspection lights manufactured by global leaders in explosion proof lighting – Raytec, Western Technology, Kira, Acculux and ATEXOR. Our experienced team has handpicked explosion proof inspection lighting products for our portfolio to fulfil various kinds of inspection requirements. They are smart, functional and useful with different kinds of features for different kinds of needs. 

One of our most popular products is the rugged and versatile SEMIC SP Ex Inspection Light manufactured by ATEXOR. It is compact and durable with a long lifespan. The light is fitted with a replaceable protective film enabling easy cleaning and ensuring bright illumination. 

Fitted with Atexor SafeEye® technology, the light is soothing to the eye enabling higher visibility. The product is fitted with high-quality LEDs with CRI above 85 to facilitate colour detection in confined spaces. 

Coming with a safety rating of IP68, the product has a fully encapsulated construction ensuring the light not to be the source of any ignition. The lamp is fitted with a claw-shaped swivel hook and an easy-grip handle for ease of usage. Hence, it is ideal for usage while inspecting any kind of space, especially tight and confined spaces. 

ATEXOR SEMIC SP Ex Inspection Light supports most major explosion plug types. It is available in a variety of voltages – 24, 48, 110 and 230 VAC. 

Would you like some help choosing the right kind of explosion proof inspection light for your facility? Contact Us today to reach our expert advisory team.