Explosion Proof Lights

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Explosion Proof Lights.

Explosion proof lights are an integral part of the safety protocol for all businesses operating in hazardous environments. A work environment which is constantly exposed to explosive gases, vapours and dust contains an inherent risk of explosion. This poses a threat to the business and the people working in such conditions.

Explosion proof lights, also known as ex lights, are specially designed lighting equipment that can contain sparks within the fixture itself, thus restricting the risk of fire and explosion. These lighting fixtures have the capacity to prevent an explosion from happening. Using ex lights in hazardous conditions is extremely useful since they significantly reduce the risk of explosion. This in turn improves working conditions.

Using Explosion proof lights in a hazardous environment is not an option. Safety regulations in different countries have mandated their use – for example, in the European Union, the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (manufacturers) and 1999/92/CE (plant operators) for hazardous environments. In fact, they have categorized hazardous environments as well as products into different categories with appropriate directions for the usage of particular products for specific environments.

So, what’s so special about an explosion proof design?

A standard light fixture has a bulb, contacts, wiring and switches which are all directly exposed to the local atmosphere. Thus, any spark from a loose contact, the switch or the heat of the bulb can cause a fire. The risk of such kind of ignition increases in a hazardous environment.

All components of an Explosion proof light, on the other hand, are encased in a specially made thick frame made from robust material such as steel or aluminium. The lenses are specially manufactured to be extremely durable so as to withstand harsh working conditions. Thus, they do not develop cracks easily which can result in leaks. All parts of an ex light are specially made to be highly durable.

Explosion proof lights contain the explosion within its housing unit, thus preventing the explosion from spreading outside the unit, and causing any external damage to manpower or other equipment.

Ex lights use LED as their main lighting equipment which makes them highly energy efficient. An Ex LED lighting consumes 90% less energy as compared to standard lighting. Using LED also adds to the longevity of the lighting fixture as well. Each light can last up to 100,000 hours.

Different businesses have different lighting requirements. Thus, explosion proof lights come in many varieties – ranging from permanent fixtures to temporary mobile lighting solutions. Our blog article has a detailed explanation of the different kinds of explosion proof lights.

AJV Technical Equipment is a supplier of a wide variety of ATEX-certified Explosion proof lights. Our product portfolio includes different kinds of Ex fixed lighting, Ex temporary lighting, custodial light fitting and much more. Explore our Ex-lighting products and choose a lighting solution for your needs.