Explosion Proof Marine Lights

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Explosion Proof Marine Lights.

Marine lighting, as the name suggests, is an important aspect of all workplaces related to the sea. Primarily, it takes the centre stage in two kinds of facilities – ships and shipyards. 

In this article, we will take a look at the lighting requirements for both of these. 


Marine lighting for ships

A ship’s lighting system is of primal importance. The illumination levels need to be bright to indicate the location of the vessel and avoid collision with other vessels. Bright illumination also helps in understanding the presence of the type of the vessel, its condition, the presence of the tugboat and other such associated features of a ship. 

Proper marine lighting assists in easy navigability through the water, especially during poor visibility conditions. Since they are exposed to salty water round the clock, marine lighting should be resistant to corrosion. They should also have high stability and should be able to withstand high salt, high temperature and high-frequency vibration. 

Here are a few tips to choose the right marine lighting for a ship:

1. Functional, easy installation and maintenance

Lighting equipment is exposed to various temperatures based on its installation area. Moreover, a ship itself travels through various temperature zones during its voyage. Hence using functional and easily installable LED lighting is essential. The soft light of LED fixtures can reduce fatigue and tension during navigation. Installation and maintenance of such lighting should also be easy and convenient. 

2. Vibration resistance

Another major aspect of a vessel is vibration. Ships are prone to vibration over extensive periods and hence installation of marine LED lamps which can withstand vibration is crucial. 

3. Explosion proof lighting fixture

Vessels are prone to accidents, fire and explosion. These risks multiply manifold in cargo vessels that transport inherently flammable materials such as oil and chemicals. Hence, using explosion proof lighting, which does not ignite or explode from external stimuli is essential. We have discussed more on this later in this article. 


Lighting requirements of shipyards

Proper marine lighting is an important aspect of shipyards. Also known as dockyards, shipyards are extensive sites where ships are built and repaired. They are packed with heavy machinery such as large cranes which assist in the movement of ships and boats through the water passage for maintenance. 

Shipyards operate all day long. Hence proper indoor and outdoor lighting are essential in working areas. Proper lighting also helps in creating a safe work environment and reduces the chances of accidents. 

The following aspects should be kept in mind while planning the lighting installation of a shipyard:

1. Uniform and bright lighting

During daily operations, workers may have to move from one place to another. Varying lighting in different areas can lead to eye fatigue and damage the eyesight of the workers in the long run. This can also hamper their productivity. Installing uniform lighting in all areas is a great way to resolve this issue. 

Repairing and maintenance of a ship require a lot of engineering work such as welding, plumbing, forging, beating and more. Most of these operations are vulnerable to accidents. Installation of bright lighting can help avoid such kinds of accidents, not to mention help in smooth operations. 

2. Energy saving

Since a commercial space such as a shipyard requires illumination round the clock through hundreds of lighting fixtures, the electricity consumption bill can be substantial. Using energy-saving lighting fixtures such as LEDs can help reduce this amount substantially. LEDs consume a lower amount of electricity, have a longer life and have a better return on investment.  

3. Explosion proof lighting

Last, but probably the most important aspect is the usage of explosion proof lighting. By nature, shipyards are hazardous areas with large amounts of dust in the air. This increases the chances of accidents manifold. 

Using explosion proof lighting fixtures is not an option, but a necessity in these kinds of facilities. 

Let us take a deeper look into this aspect in the next section. 


Explosion proof marine lighting

Explosion proof lighting is specially manufactured to withstand harsh environments. They are engineered in a manner which does not explode or ignite when there is fire or explosion in the outside world. 

Regulations in various countries mandate the use of explosion proof lighting in hazardous areas such as oil refineries, chemical processing factories, food processing factories and shipyards. Hence manufacturers around the world have developed a variety of explosion proof lighting solutions for marine usage. The most popular ones include:

  • Offshore LED light tower
  • Explosion proof handlamp with inline transformer
  • Crane mount light
  • Hazardous location area light
  • Area light with cart
  • Linear LED lights
  • Power distribution cart
  • And more

AJV Technical Equipment is a certified supplier of an extensive range of explosion proof marine lights manufactured by global leaders such as ATEXOR, Raytec, Western Technology, Kira and Acculux. Our forte lies in providing functional customised solutions tailored to individual clients’ needs.