Explosion Proof Splitter Boxes

Ex Splitter Boxes at AJV Technical Equipment

Explosion Proof Splitter Boxes.

Splitter boxes are a vital component of permanent and portable power distribution systems. Basically, they are boxes fitted with a backplate that holds individual copper busbars for each phase. They also have mechanical chair lugs that you can tap with large cables. These lugs enable the distribution of power through multiple smaller cables to the desired power unit. They are also known as junction boxes.


Benefits of using splitter boxes

Splitter boxes are used for the efficient distribution of electricity. They enable easy connection and distribution of large wires and cables throughout an area. The primary function of a splitter box is to make wiring easy. Alterations, repairs and additions to a conduit can be done simply by removing the covering.

Another advantage of using splitter boxes is the safety aspect. Splitter boxes protect the wiring from harsh environmental conditions, corrosion from outside elements, unwanted tampering and such negative impact.


Explosion proof splitter boxes

Splitter boxes are made using explosion proof technology for usage in hazardous environments with the presence of large amounts of dust, gas or fibre which can cause fire and/or explosion. Explosion proof splitter boxes assist in the installation of power in a hazardous area through extension from a central power source. Sometimes, ex splitter boxes are also used for powering ancillary equipment.

Explosion proof splitter boxes are an integral part of the power supply equipment of oil rigs, oil refineries, tanks, vessels, chemical plants and hazardous confined spaces. They also are an essential element of the emergency lighting system of such areas.

The most commonly used ex splitter boxes are 24V and 42V as well as 110V and 230V. Most ex splitter boxes have two or four-socket configurations. All sockets have to be explosion proof as well for a splitter box to have an ex certification. Generally, the default size of the cable attached to an ex splitter box is 10 meters. They are small and compact facilitating easy storage and transportation.

A characteristic specific to splitter boxes of the explosion proof kind is their ability to be able to control independent light chains. Lighting from different directions can be linked using explosion proof splitter boxes. This helps in the distribution of power over a large area easily, quickly and using minimal cables. This is immensely beneficial, not just due to reduction in the cost of installation, but also minimization of the hassle and cost of maintenance.


Explosion proof splitter boxes by AJV Technical Equipment

Providing world-class explosion proof products has always been the priority for AJV Technical Equipment. This is why we have partnered with leading global manufacturers of explosion proof products – Raytec, Western Technology, Kira, Acculux and ATEXOR. Our product portfolio includes the best offerings from them in terms of technology and usage. We understand your requirements and provide handpicked solutions customized to your needs.

We offer a range of explosion proof splitter boxes for different kinds of uses. One of our most demanded products is SLAM® Splitterex Splitter Box manufactured by ATEXOR, ideal for temporary lighting systems.

Powered by ATEX, IECEx and UKCA certifications, this robust splitter box can be used in a range of operating temperatures up to +55°C. It delivers 24V and 42V low-voltage power as well as 100V and 230V high voltage power. It has been purposefully designed to make the lighting in a hazardous area more flexible and extendable from a single source of power.

It comes with standard two or four-socket configurations, with all sockets being explosion proof kind manufactured by industry leaders such as Ceag, ATX, Marechal and Stahl. Customization is available in the form of the addition of sockets as per your specific requirement. The splitter box is also fitted with a 10-meter input cable by default, which can be customized to any length depending on your requirement.

The entire unit is compact for easy stacking, storage and transportation. The entire electrical unit is confined in a sturdy 316-grade stainless steel frame which protects the unit from impacts, thus adding to explosion proofing. This frame also helps in stable stacking.

Each unit is made in Finland under strict supervision and delivered to the client’s location. All documents are provided during delivery including a full test report, explosion proof certification and other documentation.

SLAM® Splitterex Splitter Box is ideal for oil rigs, oil refineries, chemical plants, tanks and vessels and various kinds of confined spaces. It also enables powering ancillary equipment alongside the main electrical equipment.

Interested to explore other kinds of explosion proof splitter boxes? Contact Us today. It will be our pleasure to help you out.