Explosion Proof Tank Lighting Kits

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Explosion Proof Tank Lighting Kits.

One of the primary characteristics of heavy industrial areas is large tanks. Be it an oil refinery or a chemical processing factory – industrial storage tanks form an integral part of the facility storing a wide range of substances, from raw materials to finished products. 

Tanks are essentially containers which can be used for storing any item such as gas, oil, water, petrochemical products, chemicals and much more. They can be constructed in various shapes and sizes depending on the requirement of a particular facility. They can be over the ground or underground. They can also be made up of various materials – stone, steel, concrete, plastic or steel. 

Tanks located in hazardous environments mostly contain flammable and explosive materials such as crude oil. In such cases, extreme precautions have to be taken regarding all aspects of tanks – from building to using the proper kind of lighting.

Proper lighting is an important aspect of industrial tanks since they help in monitoring the tanks to prevent leakage of dangerous substances. Proper tank lighting also assists in regular maintenance and cleaning. 

Explosion proof tank lighting

As with all hazardous environments, the lighting used in a tank located in areas with the presence of flammable substances has to be explosion proof in nature. Hence, extensive solutions are available for different lighting purposes of an industrial tank.

AJV Technical Equipment is a reliable supplier of explosion proof tank lighting products of industry leaders in explosion proof lighting solutions – Raytec, Western Technology, Kira, Acculux and ATEXOR. Our product portfolio has been handpicked by our knowledgeable technical team. Hence we provide a complete bouquet of tank farm lighting solutions to fulfil your every need. 

For example, SLAM® SETS by ATEXOR are one of our most popular explosion proof tank lighting kit variants preferred by businesses worldwide. This product offers not one but 7 different kinds of ex tank lighting kits to fulfil different kinds of requirements.

  1. SEMIC tank and confined space inspection set

Designed specifically for inspecting tanks and other confined spaces, this ATEX certified set comes with a portable step-down explosion proof transformer along with four hand-held work lights. These lights are fitted with claw-shaped swivel hooks for safely hanging from convenient locations. Magnetic brackets can also be used if required. The kit also contains pre-fitted cables which are cut to 10 metres but can be further customized based on the specific requirement of a client. All lights are fitted with CRI 85 high-quality LEDs to assist colour detection. The transformer and work lights are available with 12 and 48 VAC voltage. 

  1. SLAM® tank set with SEMIC inspection lights

Another popular product by ATEXOR, this set includes 3 Hornet 2 LED linear lights, 2 SEMIC SP work lights, 1 Hornet EM 1 LED light with battery backup, a 24 VAC SLAM® transformer with 4 sockets, 8 mounting straps and 8 mounting brackets with strong magnets. 

This set has been specially assembled for larger inspection jobs. All cables and sockets can be customized based on a client’s specific needs. 

  1. SLAM® linear tank set

Worried about tricky corners and switchbacks? This ATEX certified explosion proof tank lighting set is the ideal choice. It comes with three work lights containing two LED units in a linear layout each for extended coverage, an EXIT lead lamp with battery backup, one 24VAC transformer with 4 sockets, 8 mounting brackets with magnets and 8 mounting straps. This set provides maximum flexibility including different kinds of mounting options. 

  1. SLAM® link-up tank set

This set has been assembled keeping the importance of transformers in large operations in mind. This ATEX certified set is most suitable for tank cleaning, confined space entry, and aircraft and tunnel maintenance. 

It contains four linear work lights, each containing 2 LEDs, one portable 42 VAC transformer with two sockets, one portable EXIT light with battery backup, ten mounting brackets and ten mounting straps. 

This kit enables maximum total light output to illuminate 180 degrees in an elongated field or a tunnel. 

  1. SLAM® EM tank set

Another very popular explosion proof tank lighting kit by ATEXOR, this tank set has been designed keeping safety in mind. Hence, each work light contains a battery backup to ensure the availability of light when the power goes off. Hence, this set is ideal for usage in high-quality tasks where power outages cannot be afforded. 

  1. SLAM® STAR tank set

This set is ideal for maintenance work in hazardous areas such as painting or cleaning a tank. This ATEX certified explosion proof tank lighting kit contains various kinds of portable lighting solutions to enable its usage for various functions. It contains three portable floodlights, one portable 24VAC transformer fitted with 4 sockets, one portable EXIT light with battery backup, two mounting brackets with strong magnets and two mounting straps. 

  1. SLAM® 12VAC tank set

This set has been specifically designed for confined spaces where moisture can create a risk of electric shock. It also suits situations where 12VAC temporary power is required to meet security standards. This explosion proof tank lighting set consists of a 12VAC ex transformer with four sockets, four 12V explosion proof fluorescent lead lamps, eight explosion proof certified mounting brackets with strong magnets and eight mounting straps. 

AJV Technical Equipment’s product portfolio consists of all of the above tank lighting kits and much more. 

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