Explosion Proof Transformers

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Explosion Proof Transformers.

Transformers are the backbone of any electrical distribution system. They improve the safety and efficiency of power systems by changing the voltage as and when required. From residential areas to large-scale industries – transformers help in regulating and distributing power over long distances. 

Hazardous work environments are no exception. However, due to the inherent danger involved, transformers in a hazardous work environment have to be of the explosion proof kind. Using the wrong transformer in areas containing large amounts of gases, dust, liquids and fibres can lead to serious negative consequences. 

Explosion proof transformers are an ideal fit in such scenarios. These transformers are specially designed to step down the voltage and distribute electrical power over a small or large area. Since they are designed using explosion proof technology, they are resistant to external stimuli which can lead to fire and explosion.

Not all areas of any hazardous work environment need a power supply all the time. Sometimes power is required for a particular activity which is conducted only at specific times. For example, tank cleaning in a chemical plant or tunnel and sewer maintenance. This is where Explosion proof portable transformers become useful. 

Portable ex transformers, as the name suggests, are transformers that can be easily moved from one area to another. These transformers can be wheeled to the area which requires power and thus a temporary electrical system can be established to enable smooth and easy execution of a particular operation. 


Features of Explosion proof transformers

AJV Technical Equipment is a renowned supplier of all kinds of explosion proof transformers, fixed and portable, manufactured by world leaders in explosion proof electrical systems – Raytec, ATEXOR, Western Technology, Kira, and Acculux

All ex transformers supplied by us are ATEX certified and safe to be used in hazardous environments. Different manufacturers design products with different specifications. Here are some of the most common features of explosion proof transformers:

Converting high voltage to low voltage: A part of the basic function of transformers, explosion proof transformers convert high voltage to low voltage power that can be used in a work facility. For example, some portable ex transformers may convert 110V or 230V high voltage power to 12V, 24V and 42V low voltage power. 

Act as functional electrical systems: Explosion proof (portable) transformers work as mini power distribution systems. They are fitted with sockets and plugs which enable them to distribute power to a small or large area. For example, SLAM® TRAFOEX standard portable ex transformer manufactured by ATEXOR includes two or four socket configurations. The sockets used are sourced from leading manufacturers such as ATX, Stahl, Ceag and Marechal. The socket configuration of these transformers has been specially designed to support linking transformers. This enables using several transformers for large setups requiring low-voltage power. All plugs and sockets used in such a transformer are explosion proof in nature. This transformer is one of the most widely sold transformers in our product portfolio.

Reduction of downtime: Supporting multiple electrical systems at one go ensures minimal electrical downtime. This helps businesses continue operations without a break, thus leading to immense financial and operational benefits. 

Easy maintenance: All explosion proof transformers supplied by AJV Technical Equipment have been handpicked by AJV’s experienced technical team keeping functionality and ease of operations in mind. All transformers require minimal maintenance with usual maintenance activities such as replacing a fuse taking only a few seconds. Compact designs enable easy storage and movement. 

Low surface temperature: Sometimes transformers can heat up significantly due to the presence of electricity at such a high voltage. Explosion proof transformers are specially designed to maintain a low surface temperature. 

Easily movable: As mentioned earlier, explosion proof transformers are available in two different forms – fixed and portable. Portable ex transformers are fitted with mobility equipment for easy movement from one area to another. For example, in many cases, they are mounted on a trolly for convenient movement. This enables them to act as power distributors in any area that requires lighting for a specific period of time.

Explosion proof transformers are a very useful and functional addition to the electrical system of any hazardous area. From operations to maintenance, they can fulfil a variety of functions. 

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