Explosion Proof Work Lights

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Explosion Proof Work Lights.

One of the most important aspects which have a long-term impact on business performance, employee health and a variety of other factors is Worksite Lighting.  

Poor lighting at work can lead to fatigue, headaches, eye stress and even accidents. Too much light, on the other hand, can lead to headaches and stress. Both of these combined result in low productivity, poor quality of work and inability to complete an operation properly. 

The importance of worksite lighting increases manifold in a hazardous environment, where safety and security take the centre stage. Here, proper worksite lighting is not an option. A poorly lit hazardous environment can be disastrous. 

All lighting in a hazardous environment has to be of the explosion proof kind as mandated by regulatory authorities such as “Workplace” Directive 1999/92/CE (RD 681/2003) and “Equipment” Directive 2014/34/EU (RD 144/2016) of the European Union. Hence leading global manufacturers such as ATEXOR, Raytec, Western Technology, Kira and Acculux have a range of ATEX certified explosion proof work lights suitable for various purposes. 


Types of explosion proof work lights

Any kind of business operation involves innumerable tasks, big and small, for which a variety of light fixtures are required. Hence, a variety of explosion proof work lights are available in the market.

Let us take a look at the most popular types:

1. Explosion proof portable floodlights

Ideal for extremely hazardous locations, explosion proof portable floodlights are ideal for providing illumination to a vast area. They are rigorously tested to ensure they are safe to use in explosive atmospheres. 

One of our featured products is the SLAM® Star Portable Floodlight manufactured by ATEXOR, demanded by clients across the world. These floodlights are manufactured keeping the functional aspect in mind. Their angle can be changed to ensure you can get the light where you want. Since they are portable, they can be moved from one place to another.

SLAM® STAR Portable Floodlights are built with robust materials which eliminate the risk of sparks. The material is dissipative, which removes the chances of a build-up of static charge. Each LED set inside the light fixture is controlled by an independent, isolated electronics unit so that if one fails, the other can still stay lit. This facilitates uninterrupted operations. 

2. Explosion proof hornet lights

Another popular product, explosion proof hornet lights are ideal for use in compact hazardous areas and tight spaces. Our most demanded hornet light products are the SLAM® Hornet LED product range by ATEXOR which includes 

  • SLAM® Hornet 1LED
  • SLAM® Hornet Exit 1LED 
  • SLAM® Hornet EM 1LED
  • SLAM® Hornet EM 2LED
  • SLAM® Hornet Linear 2LED 
  • SLAM® Hornet 1LED 12V.

All these are lightweight products that can live up to the challenges of confined and tight spaces. The framework and construction are concentrated on providing maximum light, maximum portability and durability. 

ATEXOR is renowned for using high-quality materials – from LED lights to construction materials. The SLAM® hornet range of products features Atexor’s SafeEye® diffuser solution to balance the blinding effect of bright LEDs. This protects workers’ eyes without compromising on the intensity of the light. 

3. Explosion proof string lights

Explosion proof string lights are a lightweight explosion proof variety offering safe, reliable and versatile. They are available in 5, 8 or 10 lamp strings that can provide lighting to a large area. These lights can be used for various functions and can withstand the toughest of circumstances. In fact, they are renowned for their lightness and portability. 

Explosion proof string lights are fitted with LED bulbs fitted in a corrosion-resistant encasing which is resistant to vibration and shock. They are ideal for use in aircraft hangars, petrochemical industries, mining, refinery, offshore and oilfield applications. 

4. Explosion proof tower lights

Explosion proof tower lights can be used to provide visibility over a long distance. They are fitted with a special reflector that integrates LED light effectively. These lights are highly durable and can withstand impact and vibration. They can be used for semi-permanent lighting in any area. They can also be battery-powered, a variety that is very useful during emergencies. 

AJV Technical Equipment offers a vast range of explosion proof work lights for its clients. Explore our product portfolio and choose the right kind of solutions for your work area.